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This is our combined list of all the upcoming and current litters from ISSA Breeders. Demand is strong, so please do check with the breeder regarding availability on a given litter! Often litters are sold before they are even born, so it's a good idea to get on a waiting list with the breeder you choose as soon as you can.

Before you put in an application, we encourage you to spend some time talking with our breeders to find one that you are comfortable with and that is producing the type and temperament of Shiloh Shepherd puppy you want.

Click on the links provided with each litter listing to go to the breeder's web site.

A Note on Health Testing

The ISSA has very stringent health testing requirements. For a complete list of the health and temperament testing we require upcoming breeding dogs to complete, please see our ISSA Mandated Health Testing page, here. For details about the health testing undergone by the parents of the litter you are interested in, please contact the breeder.

WINTER 2017-18

Echo Shilohs Presents: The Ellie/Leaguer Litter!

Located in Indiana, United States

This litter is on the ground, with nine fantastic puppies! I am expecting goofy, confident and happy go-lucky puppies. They should do well in the show ring, therapy work, or in any other canine games. These puppies should do well in almost any home, and keep their family entertained for hours. The pups will be available to go to their new homes after their litter evaluation at the end of February.

This litter will be a combination of plush and smooth coats, all in varying shades of sable. All of the puppies will have the black recessive, so we could possibly have some bi-colors and very dark sable pups in the mix!

To contact us for more details or to fill out an application, please visit the Echo Shilohs web site, here!


Guardian Kennels Presents: The Indy/Django Litter!

Located in Alberta, Canada

All I can say about the pups from this pairing is that they are going to have character! Anyone that has followed Miss Indiana through the Timbaland Shilohs group knows what a great sense of humour this girl has.

Along with her stunning beauty, she has that glint of mischief in her eye and a genuine love for the world. Django’s outgoing personality and fun-loving character will just add to this confidence and zest for life.

This litter has been born and five beautiful pups have entered the world! We are expecting all plush pups in various shades of dark sable and dual (sorry, no solid blacks!). There should be some great size to these pups with nice heavy bone and substance. Exceptional heads, ears and top lines along with amazing movement (if Django has any say in the matter!). These pups will be whelped and raised at Timbaland Shilohs in the Crowsnest Pass, Alberta.

All pups sold through Guardian Kennels. We have limited room on this litter. To contact us for more details, please visit the Guardian web site, here!

Jewel Shilohs Presents: The Tika/Kayt Litter!

Located in The Netherlands, Europe

Tika is the black silver plush lady and Kayt is the brown sable plush gentleman. Since both parents are plush, this litter will give only plush puppies. Most will probably be grey or brown sables.

With this litter I hope to produce healthy dogs like Tika and Kayt are, with good/excellent hips and elbows. Good sized dogs, with good bone, very good movement, a solid top line and small ears. Kayt and Tika are both easy to handle dogs, so I hope that their pups will inherit their easy-going temperament. Their offspring will also love to work with their nose.

To contact us or to apply for this litter, please visit us at our Jewel Shilohs web site!

Willow Rock Shilohs Presents: The Elvira/Django Litter!

Located in Oklahoma, United States

This breeding has happened and we are waiting for results! We're very excited to see these pups, and are expecting a good mixture of Shilohs with Elvira's sweet temperament and Django's sense of adventure! Django is a very large boy, already over 30" and 100 pounds at not even two years of age. Elvira is a big, solid girl and her sire Piston was huge, so there should be some monster pups in this litter!

The Elvira/Django litter will be all plush, duals, dark duals and bi-colors. All of the puppies will have the black recessive, so we could have some very dark pups in the mix!

To contact us for more details or to fill out an application, please visit our Willow Rock Facebook page, here! You can also drop Kyle an email directly at


Dutch Pride Shilohs Presents: The Feylin/Boeke Litter!

Located in the Netherlands, Europe

This litter is planned for summer 2018, with pups ready in the autumn. This is the first outcrossing that the ISSA organization is performing in order to improve our breed's health and longevity. We are extremely excited about it! You can read more about this project and why we are performing this cross in our pages on Genetic Diversity, found in the Shiloh Health section here on this site.

All pups in this litter will be black, and have varying types of curly coat. Given the superb health and temperament behind Boeke's line and Feylin's own wonderful temperament, we believe these pups will be excellent family dogs who will live long, happy, healthy lives. All pups in this litter will be DNA tested for genetic diversity. The best of this litter will be chosen to be bred back to our Shiloh Shepherds, giving us a needed infusion of fresh genetics.

We are looking for homes for these pups that are willing to help us get complete health testing done on the whole litter. These will be happy, energetic, playful pups, so we are looking for families who would like to do some fun training with their dog.

In this crossbreeding endeavor, it is very important to know exactly what we are introducing into the gene pool. The ISSA organization will cover a large part of the health testing for all pups in the litter.

For more information about health testing, pricing, or the parents of this litter, please contact us via our web site at!


Details and litters may change as time passes. Litters which are locked in will be posted in our more detailed format, above, as they are finalized and confirmed.

  • LAKOTA/Stud TBA : Riverwind Shilohs, Oklahoma, United States
  • BRIO/KAZAN: Shahayla Shilohs, British Columbia, Canada
  • KARSA/Stud TBA: Kingdom Shilohs, Texas, United States
  • CHASSIS/Stud TBA: Victory Shilohs, Ontario, Canada

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