Logo of the International Shiloh Shepherd Alliance

Constitution of the International Shiloh Shepherd Alliance

Article I: Name and Objectives

Section 1: The Name of the organization shall be the International Shiloh Shepherd Alliance (ISSA), Inc.

Section 2: The Objectives of the organization shall be:

  • 1. To promote public awareness, appreciation and knowledge of the Shiloh Shepherd through supporting both organization-sponsored advertisements and in-person educational efforts by members;

  • 2. To conduct and encourage attendance of sanctioned events that promote the breed under the rules of the International Shiloh Shepherd Alliance (ISSA, Inc.);

  • 3. To provide and/or sponsor breed-focused events and functions for the membership wherever our Shilohs have a following, including but not limited to educational seminars, expo booths, specialty shows, and any trials or canine sporting activities in which interest is shown by a significant portion of the membership;

  • 4. To produce, and distribute to the membership and general public digital and print materials, for use in promoting the Shiloh Shepherd in particular and the appreciation and knowledge of dogs in general;

  • 5. To produce and make available to the general public educational materials in both print and digital form about the proper care, treatment, history, breeding, health, development and training of Shiloh Shepherds;

  • 6. To support and promote study and research on the genetics and particular health problems of the Shiloh Shepherd in cooperation with breeders, owners, and independent canine health organizations;

  • 7. To acknowledge the responsibility of ISSA, Inc. as the parent organization for the breed, in providing education, health research and support of rescues for the benefit of the general public, purebred dogs and Shiloh Shepherds in particular;

  • 8. To urge members and breeders to embrace a friendly, sportsmanlike code of conduct at competitive canine events, and to treat each other with maturity and respect in our online communities;

  • 9. To promote our breeders and the ISSA Breeders' Code, and to regard the description of the Shiloh Shepherd breed as it was put forth by Tina Barber, Breed Founder, as the standard of excellence against which our breed should rightfully be judged;

  • 10. To otherwise preserve and protect the legacy of our Breed Founder as it exists in the Shiloh Shepherd breed, and to do all things possible to bring its unique qualities intact into the future.

Section 3: The Club shall not be conducted or operated for profit, and no part of any profits or remainder or residue from dues or donations to the Club shall inure to the benefit of any member or individual.

Section 4: The members of the Club shall adopt, and may from time to time revise, such By-Laws as may be required to carry out these objectives.

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