The ISSA Breeders' Code

The Breeders' Code of the International Shiloh Shepherd Alliance

All existing breeders and any members applying to enter the ISSA Licensed Breeder Program must read and sign this document. Please read our requirements carefully, and direct any questions to your Breeder mentor or to a member of the ISSA Board of Directors. This document may be periodically revised and updated by majority vote of the Board.

  • I agree to support, in word and action, the ISSA Club by-laws and registry rules and regulations.
  • I will be an active member of the ISSA community, including participating on ISSA social media, attending ISSA events and shows, participating in club meetings, contributing to applicable fundraisers, and chipping in on advertising to help promote our breed.
  • I will be active in the OSSA education program for teaching new breeders, via Facebook, Forum, or both. I understand that new breeders are our future and that assisting in the mentoring of our LBITs is part of the responsibilities of every breeder in our community.
  • I will honestly share any health info gathered from the dogs I produce and their progeny with the ISSA Genetic Task Force, the ISSA Breed Wardens, and other breeders who are considering utilizing my lines or purchasing a pup from me.
  • I will continue to educate myself about our dogs--their temperaments, training, health, breeding, and structure. I will also seek to educate my puppy people about why our ISSA programs lead to all-around sounder dogs.
  • I will participate fully in any breed health surveys, including contacting my puppy people to double-check information, understanding that this is one of the tools that will lead to a healthier breed for the future.
  • I understand that working with my puppy owners is a serious responsibility. I will offer a guarantee on all puppies that are deemed healthy and registrable at the time of sale, and I understand that my breeder contracts may extend parameters to these guarantees at my discretion. I will provide timely support to my puppy people. If for any reason I cannot fulfill a guarantee or am unable to discharge my duties to my puppy people, I will seek help from another ISSA Licensed Breeder.
  • I understand that keeping my dogs and their pups in the best of health is the responsibility of every reputable breeder. I will house my dogs and pups in sanitary conditions, and provide them with adequate food, water, and appropriate training. I will keep my dogs up to date on vaccinations, and ensure that my puppies are vaccinated, wormed, and health-checked by a veterinarian before sale.
  • I will provide appropriate pre-natal and post-whelping care for my bitch and her pups, and make their welfare my priority. I will make every effort to give my pups the best possible start in life, utilizing proven programs such as Super Dog early neural stimulation, and providing adequate socialization for my litters to the best of my ability between the ages of four and eight weeks. I understand that the actions of the breeder during this critical time can have a profound impact both upon the results of the LER testing at eight weeks and upon the future physical, mental, and social well-being of my pups.
  • I commit to ISSA’s puppy placement program and will utilize an ISSA-licensed LER evaluator to test my pups. I understand that with their help, I can place my litters in the best possible homes for each pup. I will plan the Litter Evaluation at least four to eight weeks in advance of the date in order to ensure an appropriate evaluator is available to assess my litter and able to book transport to my location as necessary. I understand that it is my responsibility to provide the tools and materials for the testing including toys, noise makers, and an appropriate maze.
  • . In the event that I do not have a specific type or temperament of pup requested by puppy buyers or inquirers, I will recommend another ISSA breeder who may have what they require.
  • I agree to provide the necessary follow-up to educate the owners of my studs which I have on Breeding Agreement, and the co-owners who have my breeding bitches, about the ISSA rules and regulations, testing required, and programs offered by ISSA.
  • I will do everything in my power to recruit one new breeder-in-training for ISSA every three years if I am actively producing litters, or every three litters if I am not regularly producing. I understand that we need new breeders in order to expand our breed’s gene pool and create a healthy future for the Shiloh Shepherd.
  • I understand that our Licensed Breeders serve as the respected face of the International Shiloh Shepherd Alliance. We rely upon our breeders to promote our organization and educate the public about our programs. We ask that, if at any time a Breeder chooses to spend their time promoting a different Shiloh Shepherd organization or Registry, they step down from their status as an ISSA Licensed Breeder, to prevent a conflict of interest. “Promoting” in this context includes attending events sponsored by a different Shiloh Shepherd breed club, participating in Shiloh Shepherd Specialty shows run by a different registry, or producing articles or other materials for web sites or social media run or sponsored by a non-ISSA Shiloh organization. I understand that if a breeder exhibits such a conflict of interest and refuses to step down, they may be removed from their Licensed Breeder position at the discretion of the Board and by a majority vote thereof.
  • I agree to boldly promote the ISSA organization in my advertising, on my website, and on social media, and to do everything in my power to educate the consumer about why ISSA programs are unique, and why they are the way to improve our breed’s health and soundness—physical, mental, and genetic--for the future.
  • I promise that I will never dual-register my pups or dogs with any Registry other than the International Shiloh Shepherd Alliance, unless such Registry is a special case approved by the ISSA Board of Directors (for example, registering with IABCA dog shows, which is necessary in order to earn titles for my dogs).
  • I agree to only breed my dogs to Shiloh Shepherds registered with and possessing Breeding Certificates from ISSA, Inc. I understand that any progeny from litters that do not fulfill these criteria cannot be registered with the International Shiloh Shepherd Alliance. This clause is waived in the case of an Outcross breeding approved by the Breed Wardens and ISSA Board of Directors.
  • I agree that the priorities of the ISSA team take precedence over the needs of any single breeder. That said, if I have an issue with a decision or function of the team, I will speak up honestly so that any such issues may be discussed and addressed for the good of the group moving forward.
  • I have read this agreement in its entirety and agree to abide by its rules. I certify that I am a current member in good standing of the ISSA Club and must remain so in order to participate in the ISSA breeding program.

    I understand that any violation may result in suspension or revocation of my breeders’ license as determined by the ISSA, Inc. Board of Directors, and that any additional questions about ISSA Licensed Breeder conduct not covered in this document shall be addressed at the discretion of the Board.

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